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Caring for Our School Environment   Project   One & Two









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߮ն p 1-  2002~ 
߮ն p 2-  2003~







Edited & Published by
Centre of Architectural Research for Education, Elderly, Environment and Excellence Ltd. (CARE)
About the book
What are the visions of students on their own learning environment? These two books review the process and outcomes of the project Caring for Our School Environment. The project encourages school students and communities in partnership with design professionals to express their aspirations for improving their own learning environment through guided workshops and off-site working sessions integrated with their school curriculum or extra-curricular activities. These two books reflect the way of experiential and integrated learning by students through their design process and outcomes; and what is more, what we could learn from them. A thought-provoking collection of students' experimentation works as well as highlights of their design processes are illustrated with in-depth analysis of their original and creative ideas. Readers can discover how their experimental concepts and revolutionary ways of thinking take shape. These books are delicated to professional educators, government policy makers, architects, designers and parents of children of school age, who are interested in what and how our next generation feel about the design of their daily environment.
No. of pages
Caring for Our School Environment Project 1-  162 pages
Caring for Our School Environment Project 2-  205 pages
Year of publication
Caring for Our School Environment  Project  1-  2002
Caring for Our School Environment  Project  2-  2003