Innovative School Design Parameters in Hong Kong 
for 21 Century 









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ؤo 210x285mm
X~ 2001



Edited by
School Design Research Group
Published by
Department of Architecture, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Supported by
Education Department, HKSAR Government
The Hong Kong Institute of Architects
Quality Education Fund
Centre of Architectural Research for Education, Elderly, 
Environment and Excellence Ltd. (CARE)
About the book

The key objective of the research project is to develop an interactive document to provide school design parameters for the reference of school sponsoring bodies/ principals and their colleagues in undertaking future school building design or alterations in Hong Kong, in line with the latest development in education reform, community aspirations and international standards. This document is to be read with the advice from the design consultants. This interactive document may be conceived as a design checklist sourcebook document, and contains a comprehensive list of fundamental issues and design case studies to achieve school design for quality education. Users may select up to a certain percentage of the total parameters in accordance with their own education goals, and specific designs may be evaluated for fulfillment of the objectives. It is interactive in the sense that schools and designers may freely choose the parameters which they consider important and essential to them, and develop/ incorporate into their own designs.

Size 210x285mm
No. of pages 151
Year of publication 2001