Design Parameters for Elderly Care Architecture in Hong Kong







ؤo 205x280mm
X~ 2003



Edited by
Department of Architecture, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Published by
The Hong Kong Council of Social Service
In collaboration with
Community Development Committee, 
The Hong Kong Institute of Architects
Centre of Architectural Research for Education, Elderly, 
Environment and Excellence Ltd. (CARE)
About the book

Medical advances and society's modernization have enriched our health and wellbeing with people's life expectancy spiralling to an unprecedented new height. There will be many more elderly people enjoying a longer life beyond their retirement. Many will also be talking up residence in residential care homes when their health begins to deteriorate. The old image of an elderly care home as only a shelter for the poor elderly without family needs to be changed. Modern care homes to elderly people are their homes. A home where they can socialize with other elderly residents, a home for family gatherings and events, a home to cherish memories of the past as well as the future, most of all, a home with a zest for living. A comfortable, healthy and safe home environment, where elderly residents can enjoy life with autonomy is essential in realizing the goal of Healthy Ageing. This document explores the interrelationship between caregiving and spatial requirements for the elderly and presents new design ideas that would benefit elderly people.

Size 205x280mm
No. of pages 57
Year of publication 2003